‘When you invest you are buying a day that you don’t have to work’ 

Aya  Laraya.

If you are interested In investing and not sure where to begin then keep on reading, if you are struggling to be disciplined with your financial habits I would first suggest that you read a book that will aid in the transition towards financial responsibility. Secondly start putting something aside every now and then until it’s engrained in you. Thirdly always do due diligence by researching on any investment opportunities before putting in your money. Lastly if the deal is too good, it probably is.

Apart from devastating families and economies, Covid 19 has really proven the importance of cultivating the saving culture within all of us but It’s just not enough to save, there’s also need to look into both short and long term investment opportunities in order to cushion one even better. Here are some ideas to get you to dip your toes into the investment world. 

Fixed deposit account; This is a type of a high yielding account. It guarantees higher returns owing to its high interest rates compared to regular saving accounts. This way It adds value to your investment by maximizing the returns on the principal amount you save. 

Money market fund; A money market fund mainly invests in short-term debt securities with high credit quality such as treasury bills and commercial paper. This fund is ideal for the conservative low-risk investor who leans towards stability and security for capital invested. Interest is calculated on a daily basis, and credited to the client’s account net of costs. Cytonn.

Government bonds; You can invest in treasury bonds through the central bank of Kenya with KES 5,000 saved for 10 months. The minimum investment in a treasury bond is KES 50,000. You can put aside your 5,000 in a savings account and when in accumulates to 50,000 go and purchase a treasury bond. Depending on the rate offered at the time, this bond will pay you some interest every six months. These days the amount you need to invest in bonds is even lower through m-akiba platform. Centonomy by waceke Nduati .

Shares and stock market; A stock or share (also known as a company’s “equity”) is a financial instrument that represents ownership in a company or corporation and represents a proportionate claim on its assets (what it owns) and earnings (what it generates in profits). Investopedia. 

The minimum amount number of shares one can buy on the Nairobi securities exchange is 100; this means that as long as you are buying shares that are trading below KES 50, you can invest. There are actually many fundamentally strong companies that are trading below KES 50 at the moment that you could be accumulating ownership with KES 5,000. Centonomy.

Saccos (plural SACCOs) Acronym of Savings and Credit Co-operative; a credit union.

SACCOs are deposit taking and are a great tool to channel your savings. The SACCO aggregates the savings and lends them out or invests in authorized instruments such as shares, treasury bills and bonds, and in some cases property as authorized by the by laws.


  1. They encourage members to save, and invest. Especially in property.
  2. They offer members access to loans with rates that are usually not subject to constant fluctuation.
  3. SACCOs pay out dividends to their members ensuring value for your shilling. 
  4. Their products are priced at a reasonable rate compared to banks. 
  5. Members have a say in the management and the running for the Sacco through the annual AGMs.

Equities; These are market-linked investments that do not come with an assurance of bearing fixed returns. Returns on equity thus depend on the underlying asset’s performance. These can include stocks and shares. They can also be Equity mutual funds and hedge funds 

We all want to make our money work for us, and with that emerges another dark side in the investment world: pyramid schemes and other instant money making ventures can seem like such a brilliant idea at first but before you become too enthusiastic and put in your hard earned money, make sure the Avenue in which you choose to invest in is 100% legit. You can also check whether the institution is registered and governed by the Central bank of Kenya.

Happy investing.