Are you just looking to boost your mood, relax or even purge negative emotions? Read on.

~self care is a deliberate choice to gift yourself with people, places, things, opportunities that recharge our personal battery and promote whole health - body, mind and spirit.~ Laurie Buchanan.

First of all how do you take care of yourself? Take a moment and answer that question. Everyone seems to be so busy nowadays, working long hours at ever stressful jobs, to putting in work on that side hustle, to worrying and taking care of little ones all day that even a minute to breath is literally non existent. And so you go on that way for weeks, even months until you end up having an emotional outburst or a mental-breakdown. You yell at you kids when they call your name for the 100th time in an hour or snap at a colleague when they overstep. I have been there and i am still a work in progress trust me and it wasn’t until I learnt about self care that everything changed.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate self care into your daily weekly and even monthly routine.

  1. Try journaling.

I used to journal, but being a mom sometimes you don’t even get that kind of time, but I created that time because I needed to empty my thoughts somewhere and reset myself for the next day. That would make me more calm and less stressed and that’s a win for me and the little ones. 

2.Practice some gratitude.

You can purchase a notebook and turn it into gratitude journal or you can download the gratitude app. This app literally changed my life. It has the journaling category together with a daily affirmation and daily zen section. Basically you log in your journal entry for the day, followed by writing a gratitude list (more on this during a later post) and there’s the zen section that has amazing quotes tailored to remind you to simply be grateful and that has been such a factor in grounding and reminding me of what truly matters and that amidst all the crazy I indeed have something to be grateful for.

3.Find a hobby.

For me In this particular season it is gardening. I absolutely love my little garden, well, it isn’t so little I have nearly fifty plants that I’ve been tending to and some for nearly three years. There’s something about taking care of another living thing that brings one so much joy and fulfillment. Not only does it occupy my time when I’m too much in my head but it is a little green space that I get to sit in and wind down as I enjoy the boost of oxygen they give off. A win win.

4.Eat healthy. 

No really, this sounds totally cliche, but here’s the thing I found out. When my diet is laden with caffeine, sugar, fat, processed foods and meat I noted that it affects my mood, my energy and concentration. Being a clinical nutritionist i should probably know better than to have that bag of crisps but i am working on myself too. When all those things are off balance I can’t be the best version of myself. By purposely choosing to eat healthier meaning adding extra veggies and fruits on the menu it then in turn puts me into the correct health and mental state. Some foods are even known to even help with anxiety and mood disorders. Look out for this on a later blog post. 

5.Get to grooming. 

There’s something about taking some time to groom oneself that leaves you feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. I incorporated a weekly at home facial because I am frugal like that.  You can splurge on yourself a little bit if that’s within your budget or a monthly hair treatment together with an at home mani pedi. When you look your best you feel great as well. The compliments will be an added bonus. 

 6 Adopt a pet. 

Pets offer so much more than being cuddly warm balls of fluff. There are studies that have proven significant positive changes in people suffering from mood disorders like depression, PTSD and even anxiety after they adopted pets. Being a cat mom I definitely appreciate the companionship offered to me by my two year old kitty muffin. If you are not allergic I’d highly recommend getting a pet of your choice.

Everyone is busy, but you create time for the things you care about. If you can’t take care of yourself it will be like pouring from an empty cup. Love yourself enough to make that time for yourself.