SPEND MONEY TO SAVE MONEY? Items for financial wellness.

SPEND MONEY TO SAVE MONEY? Items for financial wellness.

if you look at your budget, are there any recurrent expenditures that you could either eliminate or swap for affordable and sustainable alternatives? Below are some curated items that will help you trim your budget. Checkout a bonus item at the end of this article.

1.A reusable lint roller.

Why would you want to buy a refillable lint roller when you can buy a generic or brand name reusable alternative like sticky buddy that does the job even better than the conventional type? After you use one simply run it through some water dry it off and it’s ready to use once again. Find one in e-comerce  platforms like jumia , kilimall , or amazon. 

2. The Forbes nectar germ magnet water purifier.

This water purifier purifies and filters water in three stages designed to ensure that your family gets pure and Safe drinking water using a 100% chemical free technology. The tested and Certified, Positive Charge Technology passes water through an intricate mesh of positively charged nano fibres that remove all kinds of Bacteria, Virus, Cyst and other microbial contaminants. While its natural shut-off mechanism ensures ‘safe water or no water’ so you’ll know exactly when to replace your cartridge. It softens hard water as well and if you regularly buy water then this filter will eliminate that cost. Purchase this item through the ramtons website.

3. A Spatula.

If you are like me and you absolutely hate food wastage , then a spatula will scrape every last bit of food from bowls and pots, reducing wastage and saving you money in the long. 

4. Deep Freezer.

The kitchen can be a money pit if not properly managed, grocery bills can run to the thousands and frequent trips to the store and market can tempt you into buying additional food items that you would otherwise not have gotten had you not gone to the store. An organized and stocked deep freezer reduces the need for convenience food which can run your food bill to the high heavens.

5. Reusable facial and makeup wipes.

If you use makeup or toner, the trend and norm calls for one to use wet wipes and or Cotton wipes , it’s convenient and accessible but not so affordable. If you pull out a calculator the cost on your wallet per month is quite significant. You can purchase reusable washable facial wipes or if you are thrifty make your own for a fraction of the cost.

6. A Reusable Water bottle.

How many times have you bought water in single use plastic bottles? Not only is it bad for the environment it’s also bad for your wallet, if you invest in a good quality water bottle you could carry water from home or refill at a water atm for a lot  less than buying single use bottled water. You will not only be saving some extra coins but you will be saving our planet too.

Bonus item.

Centonomy by waceke Nduati.

Learning and unlearning money habits can save you a lot of money, this book touches on several areas of financial literacy including saving and investment. If you are on that journey to financial fitness this book will bolster your efforts and teach valuable lessons with guranteed  lasting impacts. you can get it from centonomy or through a bookshop.