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You just had a restful night, the alarm has gone off or like some other people you have that internal alarm clock that wakes you up right on time every day, but you get the point. You are wide awake and the next 60 seconds will dictate your entire day and doing these things can throw your day completely off and set you up for a bad day. Here’s what you should never do in the morning.

1.Checking social media.

When you wake up and the first thing you reach for is your phone and head straight for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the likes you are potentially going to end up seeing something that will completely put a damper on your mood and right when you wake up for that matter. You can instead read a religious text of whatever faith you practice, or just listen to something uplifting like a podcast, sermon or even music to supercharge you and give you the best chance of having a fantastic day. 

2.Starting your day without a shower.

Okay this is a no brainer, if you want to have a productive day this is definitely a no-no. Before you get on with the days affairs just hit the shower or bath whatever you fancy and start the day refreshed and clean. It’s a guaranteed way to feel re energized. 

3.Leaving the bed unmade.

Studies have shown that leaving your bed unmade will have you feeling disorganized. Disorganization = low productivity. Add in the eyesore of having to see an unmade bed when you come home after a long day. Who wants that? Just go ahead make that bed and go about your day.

4.Having an unhealthy breakfast. 

You know those leftover French fries you had from yesterday skip those and have something healthy instead. Like a fruit smoothie mix or oats. Don’t eat a lot of carbohydrates in the morning it’s a sure way of making yourself sluggish and bloated.

5.Being negative and complaining.

Okay the weather isn’t so good it’s raining or it’s chilly instead of starting your day by complaining how about you say something like this isn’t what I would have preferred but I will make it work. See right there you have chosen to be positive instead of putting bad energy into the universe and setting yourself up to encounter more negative situations.

6.Having no set time to wake up.

waking up at odd hours is a sure fire way to have a low productivity if a productive day at all. If you wake up at any hour of the day without a set time or routine you are not allowing your body to adjust to routine.

7.Staying in bed.

You decide to scroll through social media a bad idea as suggested earlier, and end up staying in bed for longer than you anticipated, next thing you know you have ended up staying in bed for a few hours and decide you know what let me get my breakfast and have it in the bedroom. And there goes your day might as well put on that lazy day T-shirt and call it a day because getting out of that funk will be next to impossible. 

8. Not having a schedule.

Having a clear schedule of what time you need to get up in the morning and tasks to accomplish will enable you to manage your time wisely hence setting yourself up for success. You know what needs to be tackled and you can hold yourself accountable to accomplishing the goals you set up for yourself.