“ if the children are our future then there’s no greater way to invest in the future than investing in our children” Dr. Nivradha Singh. 

Here you are new parent you set eyes on their tiny little face and they let out that coo, ah they are perfect. And within a blink of an eye you are presented with a hefty medical bill or fee structure and you were not prepared. Now what?? 

Here are some ways to protect your little ones whether you have them right now or not. Before you are met with a tear jerking bill or situation that could have easily been avoided. 

1.Get a health cover.

Who wants to foot every health expense in cash? Those impromptu hospital visits will leave your wallet empty and even in debt if a serious health emergency occurs. If getting private insurance is out for the question look into a national health cover and get covered. Also shop around for the best insurer don’t get a health cover just because, do some due diligence.

2. Purchase an education cover.

With the rate of inflation school fees will soar up to the high heavens in several years. To guarantee that your little ones don’t skip school or get sent home for arrears setting an education cover for them can ensure their education is uninterrupted.

3. Look into a permanent housing solution.

The security of having your own home is immeasurable. Not only will you have that safety but your children will not have to suffer the indignity of being sheltered elsewhere in the event you hit a rough patch. The government of Kenya is currently running an affordable housing program as part of its big 4 agenda.

5.Create an investment fund for your child.

You know those banks that give you a cute little piggy bank when you open an account for your child, the maximum yield is usually 5% p.a why don’t you buy shares/bonds with whatever money you wanted to put into that account and re invest the money back into your child’s future?

6.Set up a business.

Not unless you are a dictator your child is less than likely to inherit your current position but a business can remain in the same family for decades and therefore earning your child or children an income and further securing their futures.

7. Start teaching them about money NOW.

They are never too young to learn about saving and budgeting. Children learn about money by observing you and how you manage your finances and those lessons can influence them for life. So do the right thing and start positively impacting their lives with financially responsible lessons for more on this check out

8. Get life insurance.

What would happen in the unfortunate incident that you pass away before your children are grownup? You don’t want your children to become a finical burden to your relatives or middle aged parents. That money you probably use entertaining guests could very well cushion your child from destitution.

9. Create a will. 

You have made all these money moves to protect your children you really don’t want greedy family members and friends to emerge from the woodworks claiming a share of their inheritance simply because you overlooked this last important detail. And yes you are never too young to have a will even if you just had your first baby.